Gun Safety PSA Turns Hysterical When Little Boys Discover Mom's 'Toys' (VIDEO)

kids playingAre you ready for this, Moms and Dads? We just came across the holy grail of public service announcement ads: one that makes us laugh out loud (yes, you read that right, you're going to LOL). Technically it's a commercial about gun safety, but don't worry -- this is not going to turn into some political debate. It is, however, going to make you want to put a lock on your bedroom door.

Unless you want to see what happens when little boys find and play with, ahem, Mom's sex toys? Oh yeah, the folks at Evolve went there!

Put down your beverages, because you don't want anything going up your nose when the giggles start:


And you thought vibrators were just fun for the ladies! They make playdates a blast too!


The ad certainly gets its point across about guns ... but it also offers a nice little reminder to lock your bedroom door, or at least the bottom drawer, when little ones come over to play. You just never know what they will find otherwise.

Have your kids ever unearthed your, ahem, toys? What happened?


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