Little Girl's Letter to Her Dad's Company Scores Him a Vacation (PHOTO)​

picture of paper and crayons
We American workers just don't get enough time off. And even though little Katie is too young to be able to spell "Wednesday," she knew darn well her dad deserved to have his most sacred of all sacred days -- his birthday -- observed by enjoying the day off from his job at Google. So Katie sent daddy's boss an incredibly polite letter, written in blue crayon, requesting that he release him of his duties so he can celebrate with his family. And now the amazing part: it worked like a charm!


Here's the little girl's letter to dad's work:

Here's what she wrote: "Dear google worker, Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work he gets one day off. like he can get get a day off Wendsay. Because daddy ONLY get a day off on Saturday. From, Katie. PS It is daddy's birthday! PPS It is summer, you know"

You tell 'em, girl. Your dad works super hard for you, which is the most respectable thing in the world, but it definitely stinks that he has one day off. And I agree, no one should have to work during the summer months. What a scam!

Luckily, Daniel Shiplacoff is a boss with heart. Upon receiving the letter, he not only responded to it -- he gave the girl's dad a WEEK off in July. Nice work, kid! Here's Shiplacoff's letter:

I suspect dad's coworkers returned home after finding out about this and got to work teaching their children crucial old-school letter-writing skills!

All kidding aside, this adorable story reminds us that kids really do value our time with them above all else. This little girl just wants to hang out with her father on his birthday -- what could be sweeter? So many of us are forced to put our jobs ahead of everything else, and there's no shame in working hard to support our families. But we should also remember that when we do have an opportunity to take some time off, spending time with our children is what they'll remember years from now.

And, of course, it won't be long before our little ones are all grown up (sniff, sniff) and more interested in hanging around their friends -- we should cherish every moment we have with them!

How many days off do you get each year? How do you spend your time off with your children?


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