4-Year-Old Busts Babysitter's Scheme to Rob Her House​

Kids are smart. Insanely observant. And more capable of seeing through our adult BS than most adults. The problem is that we don't give them enough credit for their honesty or their ability to see things plainly -- which came in handy when the family of one 4-year-old in Washington was robbed while the little girl was being cared for by her babysitter.

Abby was being watched by her sitter, whose name hasn't been released because she is under 18, when two people entered, ordered the little girl out of the house, and proceeded to steal the family's belongings. Things got especially strange when Abby's story turned out to be very different from the one the babysitter told police.


Her caretaker claimed two armed African-American men broke into the home and burglarized it. Her description actually fit one of their neighbors and he was even brought down to the station for questioning.

But not so fast. Abby's description did NOT match the one her babysitter provided. According to the child, the men were white. And after the sitter was questioned again, she admitted one of the guys was her boyfriend, the other was his friend, and she had actually told them what to steal.

Nice, huh?!

We could focus on how terribly dishonest this young woman proved to be, or we could turn our attention to the fact that young Abby exposed the scheme for what it was and helped lead the police to the real suspects.

As parents, this story actually does two things for us: it encourages us to listen to and trust our children more than we probably do AND it helps us feel better about leaving our kids with sitters. I don't know about you, but as a parent who has a difficult time trusting people to care for my children, I feel so much better thinking my 3-year-old will tattle if something doesn't seem right.

Don't get me wrong: children embellish -- which is a nice way of saying they lie. Oh boy, do they lie. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't probe them for more information when they say something that raises a red flag for us. It's usually pretty easy to tell, after some questioning, whether a child is speaking the truth. And it's worth the effort to hear them out.

What's the most honest thing your child has ever said that really surprised you?


Image via Alan Cleaver/Flickr

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