Toddler Taped to Bed at Daycare​ for Refusing to Nap (VIDEO)

nappingWow, talk about terrifying. A daycare in Texas recently found themselves in hot water for enforcing nap time at their center. Don't think enforcing nap time is that big of a deal? Well, see, it kinda is when the means in which it's enforced is duct tape. Yep, photos of kids duct taped to their beds at the center have surfaced, and understandably, parents are shocked and livid.

The daycare that's under investigation is Heart2Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park. And if you're doubly shocked that this horrific incident took place at a Montessori school, a place in which freedom is strongly emphasized, you're likely not alone. This is probably one of the last places parents would dream of something like this happening.


Despite this being a completely horrific situation, it does raise an interesting point: Should we have to worry that individual daycare workers/teachers are adhering to the organization's policy as a whole? (Not that duct-taping kids to their beds is anyone's policy.) We likely all blindly assume this when we sign our children up for specialized or unconventional schools (hence, our signing them up for specialized or unconventional schools). But, clearly as this case shows, that isn't always the case. What are parents to do? Get to know each and every person who will be working with their kids on an individual and personal basis? Of course, we want to know as much as possible about who will be taking care of our little ones, but is it even possible to know if someone who works at a certain organization doesn't whole-heartedly agree with their philosophy? It's doubtful that it would be something they'd admit.

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This is a truly horrible situation, and one that's, hopefully, incredibly rare, but it kind of makes you wonder how much teachers are adhering to their school's policy as a whole. Something to think about. But, for the record, no parent should ever have to wonder if their toddler is being strapped down to a cot because he isn't tired enough to nap. 

Do you ever wonder if the views of your child's teacher are in line with the school's?


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