Mom Gives Birth During Open Heart Surgery

heartNeed further proof that our mom bodies are amazing? Try this on for size: a mother is making headlines today for delivering her baby. Not that incredible? It is when you consider this: Edita Tracey gave birth to her little girl during open heart surgery.

Yeah. That's pretty darn rare ... and pretty darn awesome.


Thirty-five-year-old Tracey reportedly was feeling pain in her upper back, and at 36-weeks pregnant, she felt worried. Her husband was out of town for work, so she called an ambulance. When a CT scan revealed a dangerous aortic dissection, she was rushed into dual surgery. Her daughter was delivered in 30 seconds, then doctors began fixing her heart.

Six weeks on, both Mom and baby are doing well, and Tracey is crediting her daughter with saving her life.

After all, some upper back pain when you aren't pregnant isn't necessarily going to make you call an ambulance. When you ARE pregnant? Well, you take extra precautions ... precautions that may just save your life as well as your baby's.

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Tracey's heart condition is extremely rare, and although pre-eclampsia, a fairly common condition for pregnant women, is thought to have played a role, it's not something most moms should be worried about. Still, there is a take home message for the rest of us: don't be afraid to listen to your body and don't be afraid of over-reacting to what you're feeling, especially when you're pregnant. 

Your baby's life -- and your own -- could depend on it.

What is the biggest thing you went through while pregnant?



Image via le vent le cri/Flickr

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