Mom's Tooth Infection Saves Her Babies' Lives (VIDEO)

lauren lawton anna mackenzie babies twinsEvery mom-to-be hopes that her pregnancy, labor, and delivery will go smoothly, if not picture perfectly. And who could blame her for just wanting everything to be okay the whole way through until she can welcome her little one into the world? But of course, we all encounter our own personal challenges, "screw-ups," and setbacks along the way. 

Lauren Lawton, now mom to 7-month-old twin girls Mackenzie and Anna, knows that well. Not long after she found out she was pregnant, she was told that the girls shared a placenta. One twin was getting too much blood, while the other was getting too little. As if that wasn't worrisome enough, Lawton found out 24 weeks into her pregnancy that she had an infection in her tooth, which meant she had to give birth pre-term to her daughters, who at the time weighed just over a pound. But believe it or not, there was a silver lining ...


Doctors say that the pre-term birth meant that the shared placenta didn't end up causing problems for the girls! And seven months later, their doc says their progress is "remarkable." Wow.

Not to mention that Lawton's story is proof that even though there isn't really any such thing as perfection in pregnancy or childbirth, that's okay. In fact, it can be a wonderful thing to let go of that natural inclination to make everything just "right." To go with the flow. To let yourself take a backseat and not fret so much about doing everything exactly "right."

Because maybe there is no right anyway, and even the most stressful moment can end up leading to beauty, wonder, bliss! And in Lawton's case, it actually lead to a miracle. Pretty inspiring!

Were you worried about having the perfect pregnancy or delivery?

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