If These Creepy Ads Don't Make You Monitor Your Kids Online, Nothing Will

internet kidsWhether it's on the home computer, their tablets, or on their smart phones, kids are spending more and more time online. But it's up to the parents to make sure their children are productive on the internet and aren't accessing inappropriate information. So to urge parents to monitor their kids' online presence, one ad agency is getting their attention with some super spooky ads.

Parents, "do you know what your kids are watching on the internet right now?" It's the all-important question that the German ad agency Publicis Frankfurt is posing. And the way they're going about it will scare you. Are you ready? Here they are:


internet kids scary ad

Terrifying, right? They've replaced the eyes with imposed screaming mouths, in case you missed it. The ads themselves are done on part of an organization called Innocence in Danger, which works to stop the sexual exploitation of children online.

internet kids scary ad

Hey, they're definitely eye-opening ... no pun intended. But maybe that's what we need? The otherwise innocent-looking children are made to be entirely frightening, and clearly cause an immediate reaction. Their adorable little eyes are replaced by horribly spooky gaping and screeching mouths.

If you're a parent, you look because that's what happens when you see a child who looks hurt or ... well, there really is no word to describe HOW these kids look! Suffice it to say, these flip that switch inside every parent, the one that gets hit when a kid is in trouble or danger ... whether it's your kid or someone else's.

But maybe what we need is to be completely terrified in order to make some changes in the home. Think about it, parents: do you really pay attention to what your kids are doing when they're on the computer? How do you monitor their usage? Do you have parental controls and blocks?

Sometimes, all it takes is a creepy ad to get parents to act.

Do you think the ads are productive?


Image via Intel Free Press/Flickr; Images via Publicis Frankfurt

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