Mom Suing Third Grader Who Was Mean to Her Son

gavelParents will do anything when it comes to protecting their kids, and for some, that includes suing other kids. A mom who was sick and tired of her third-grade son being bullied has filed a lawsuit against the bully's parents ... as well as the bully, who also happens to be a third grader. According to reports, the bullying was continuous (and really awful-sounding), and the victim's mother filed four police reports, each ending with the resolution of the school intending to take care of it. The bullying allegedly continued, so the mother has now gotten litigious.

But ... should she really be suing the kid?


Let's be honest here. Bullies are pretty much the worst. Especially if our kids happen to be the ones on the receiving end of their terrible actions. And there should be consequences for what they do. But sued? Not so sure about that. Aside from the fact that the act of being sued will be completely lost on a third-grader, what are they going to compensate with? Allowance money? Rainbow looms? We all want to protect our children as much as we possibly can and, as immature as it may be, hurt the people who have hurt them, but suing can't be the answer in a situation like this. Logically, it just doesn't make much sense.

In this scenario, it's understandable -- even makes sense -- to go after the parents of the child who was in the wrong. If no one has done anything to stop whatever negative behavior has been going on, including them, they're the ones who should have to pay, being that, well, it's their kid, their responsibility. But leave the kid out of it. Bullying is always wrong, but knock some sense into the parents, who, hopefully, will then knock some sense into their kid.

What do you think of a third grader being sued?


Image via Brian Turner/Flickr

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