12-Year-Old Wins Right to Change Birth Certificate From 'Female' to 'Male'

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A transgender boy from the Canadian province of Alberta is celebrating a victory that marks major progress this week. At just 12 years old, Wren Kauffman received a new birth certificate officially recognizing his sex as male. He had filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission because he couldn't change the sex listed on his birth certificate. Until now, Alberta would only allow the change made if you had gender reassignment surgery. But thanks to a judge's ruling, not anymore!

Kauffman and his family must be elated by the news. After all, that gender reassignment surgery stipulation just seems plain silly -- especially for someone Wren's age! If anyone has already transitioned in every other major way, as it appears Wren has, it makes sense that their birth certificate would reflect that.


And now that it does, it's probably more real in some ways than ever before -- to Wren and his parents. After all, it's a major moment in a mom's journey to receive her baby's birth certificate. It's the official proof that she's given birth -- and the birth certificate says in black and white that she's now a mom of a little girl or boy.  Even if the child identifies as the opposite gender, there's a time there where that birth certificate represents one thing or another to a parent. So, to see it changed is, well, a big deal! Likely an emotional deal, wherein it's going to hit a mom in the gut that the little boy she had is really a girl, or vice-versa. But hopefully, she comes to that realization in a heartwarming, wonderful way.

Because the changed piece of paper will finally signify and certify who your child IS. Not only what he was "assigned" at birth. The change means that child can forge ahead with bolstered confidence and proof of his identity. That's something every mom and every state government should want any child to enjoy. Thankfully, it looks like more kids than ever -- at least in certain parts of the world -- are beginning to have a better crack at that.

How do you feel about Wren's situation and other transgender kids petitioning to change their birth certificates?


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