Newborn Cuts His Own Cord in Creepy Video That Makes Moms Hate the Internet

creepy baby

It's being hailed as adorable and gone mega viral, but a commercial featuring a newborn baby who cuts his own umbilical cord and takes a selfie is more than a little terrifying. The ad comes out of India, and it's meant to promote a service called MTS Internet with a CGI baby who was "born for the Internet." Clever? 

Perhaps ... but it may also be the creepiest version of birth we've seen on the web in a long, long while! Here, we won't ruin it for you ...


OK, if your baby came out saying, "Hello" and grabbed Dad's tablet, would you look dumbfounded or just start screaming bloody murder?

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It's an ad, and it's clear people are supposed to suspend their disbelief, but sheesh. As if moms really need to be reminded that we can't protect our kids from the world wide web ... now we've got babies surfing the web for umbilical cord cutting tips?

What do you think of the video? Ultra cute or ultra creepy?


Image via Laure/Flickr

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