School's Bathroom Rules for Kids Are Worse Than in Prison

school bathroomControlling a classroom of 20 to 30 elementary school students is no easy feat. Teachers set rules, guidelines, and limits on what the children can do in order to maintain a good learning environment. But a story of a school that is limiting kids to using the bathroom only twice a year shows us how some school rules can cause kids more harm than good.

Parents of fourth grade students at Loma Portal Elementary School are complaining that their children only receive two bathroom passes per year. Turns out, kids are using up their two passes quickly and then are not allowed to use the bathroom. Instead, if they need to use the bathroom, they have to take a detention or be excluded from activities.


That means if they have an emergency and absolutely need to use the restroom, they're punished with a lunch detention. To make matters even worse, some parents are reporting that the children have had to go to their doctors to address their bladder issues.

School is a place where kids spend eight hours per day. Sure, they may have passing periods and breaks during which they can use the restroom, but giving them two emergency passes for a whole year is beyond unrealistic. Accidents and emergencies happen all the time. Why should they have to give up their lunch just so they can use a restroom during class time?

Granted, schools and teachers' classrooms are places of structure. There needs to be rules in place in order to keep to form and manage a group of students. But it also shouldn't be a place where kids get tortured or punished for simply needing to go. Let's be real, even prisoners get toilet privileges.

Sitting through eight hours of class with a full bladder is a cruel form of torture. Just let these kids go pee already, wouldya.

What do you think of the school rule?


Image via Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

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