Family 'Miraculously' Has Four Generations of Twins

twin toesTwins are such the oddity! Wow! Two babies at one time! How did that happen? The theory goes that twins skip a generation, that twinsing runs in the family. That if you eat a lot of yams you may have twins. That if you do the deed twice in one day it will happen. That if you do the twist after having sex you will have twins. Twins? You must have taken fertility drugs or had some kind of procedure to make that happen. Frenzy! Twins, as it turns out, can be just a beautiful thing that happens. I think it's a lucky thing. Like magic. I have twins. I have a friend who has two sets of twins. And I just learned about this one mom whose twin babies are the fourth generation of twins to be born in her family.

Melanie Gwynne is a twin and she gave birth to twins. Her dad is a twin. And her grandmother is a twin. Welcome to Twintopia!


Melanie said that she and her twin sister knew one of them was going to have twins. It's that intuition thing that twins have. Twins just know things about the other twin without even speaking.

I believe all this to be true. The magic of it. The twintuition. But I also think we should collectively stop wondering why it happened and just love that it did. People say the strangest things to parents of twins.

I'm not shocked anymore when people don't believe me when I tell that that my 4 1/2 year old twins are in fact twins. One is a boy who is blond and blue eyed, the other is a brown hair, brown eyed girl who is about 8 pounds heavier than her brother. It happens so often. I shrug off the "are they natural" question. The next thing people usually ask has to do with if twins run in my family. I do happen to have twin cousins (both girls, fraternal). Though never in my wildest dreams did I think for one second that I would have two in the womb at once. Still, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Baby jackpot!

This family -- creating four generations of twins -- that is beautiful! I don't care how it happened, just that it did.

Are you a twin? Have twins? What do you think of this family with four generations of twins?


Image via Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

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