Mom Horrified When Her Cute Kid's Photo Goes Viral

laptopWhen Julia Fierro snapped a photo of her daughter in a playground swing, doing an "impersonation of anger," she probably didn't expect that her daughter's grumpy pout was going to make its way around the Internet for years to come. She certainly didn't expect that her daughter would become a meme. But lo and behold, two years later, the photo has taken on a life of its own. As Fierro writes in a Huffington Post essay, she has all but thrown her hands up now, admitting that no amount of emailing is going to erase her little girl from the web.

While you'd think the experience may have turned her off of sharing photos of her kids online altogether, she'll be the first to admit that's not gonna happen!


Fierro writes:

I want to be one of those parents who have made (and stuck to) their vow of not posting photos of their children online so that every creep in the world has potential access to them, but isn't it too late for that? How would I erase all that I've already (over) shared? ... The online world offers parents infinite choices from which to craft a narrative of our children, and of ourselves as parents, and it is the promise of this seemingly "perfect" parenting identity I find almost impossible to resist.

So honest -- and fair enough. At the same time, her experience is one parents should be aware of when they post photos or videos of their children online. For years before the web even existed, parents worried about pedophiles, stalkers, kidnappings, etc. Okay, so not being able to control your child's photo from turning into an Internet meme isn't exactly on par with any of those potential horror stories, but it's still unnerving and should give moms pause.

Ultimately, we should be able to be the ones in charge of crafting that narrative of our children -- not someone else. So where do we draw the line to ensure that remains the case? The answer to that question is different for every mom, but as long as it's a question they're asking, that's all that matters.

How do you feel about sharing photos of your kids online?


Image via goodrob13/Flickr

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