Mom Has Breast Surgery Just 30 Minutes After Giving Birth

pregnant woman at doctorOnce you're pregnant, all priorities shift. You're no longer only worried about yourself and your health, but also that of the little one you're carrying. One mom in Wales showed us just how important it is to keep your own health in mind. Sarah Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after getting pregnant with her son, and after going through five rounds of chemotherapy during pregnancy, she had a mastectomy just 30 minutes after giving birth.

Understandably, she was immediately worried about her baby when she was first diagnosed. After all, everything you consume while pregnant goes straight to your growing baby. From the good to the bad, they're also sharing in the intake.


Doctors for Sarah worked to ensure the chemotherapy wouldn't hurt her baby, and they waited until after her C-section to wheel her into another surgery to remove nearly two dozen cancerous lymph nodes. That was in October, and today she's a healthy mom making news for her ordeal but also because she's now fundraising for cancer treatment.

Her story is amazing.

We can't imagine the fear of not only going through chemotherapy, but doing it while pregnant. And having surgery immediately after giving birth? Who wouldn't rather immediately start cuddling the baby?

But it's important to remember: a baby needs a healthy mama. If Sarah hadn't done this, who knows where she'd be and whether her baby would have his mom.

Obviously, the baby should be kept healthy during pregnancy, but while moms might be very preoccupied with eating well, taking only the right medications, and kicking their own lifestyles into fit mode for the sake of the baby, they also have to remember to keep their own health in check.

For you that hopefully won't be as drastic as accepting cancer treatment, but something as simple as taking pain medication for migraines that scares many pregnant women should be heavily considered if your doctor is saying it's OK. Your baby needs you to be the healthiest mom you can be for their sake!

How did you approach your own health while pregnant?


Image via Daniel Lobo/Flickr

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