Kindergarten Teacher Leaves Insulting Message on Mom's Voicemail (VIDEO)

school classroomDo you know what your kids' teachers think of them? Wait, scratch that. Would you WANT to know? Because a mom in Ohio was shocked by a message left on her voicemail by her 7-year-old's teacher.

It seems the educator forgot to hang up the phone before voicing her opinion about the kindergartner to a colleague. Needless to say, what Ashley Moore heard about her son was none too complimentary.


The 7-year-old was allegedly called the "biggest baby" in class, while his mom was said to likely still wipe her child's butt. Take a listen:

Is it any wonder the little boy's family says he hasn't wanted to go to school for months? With a teacher who thinks that "highly" of him?

The fact is, not every teacher is going to love every kid. Some kids are NOT well behaved in school. Disruption after disruption can wear down even the educators who love and adore "all" children.

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Not to mention, some personalities just don't mesh well. It's human nature that some people will not be the best of buds. Hence, teachers do not have to like every kid in their class.

They do, however, have to treat every child in their class with respect. They have to try their best to teach every child in a classroom, and they have to treat kids equally.

That's what it really comes down to -- not having your kid "liked" by a teacher so much as having your kid treated fairly. If an educator can't get past their dislike of a child enough to treat them like the other kids, they need to find a new profession.

Do you care if your kids' teachers like them? What DO you expect from a teacher?


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