Baby's Tragic Death Reminds Parents Recalls Are No Joke

nap nanny recalChoosing baby gear is an exciting part of preparing for a new arrival. But even after you've unpacked all the gifts and settled on the nursery, making sure to stay current on updates, changes, and especially recalls is just as crucial. A tragic story out of New Jersey this morning shows us the importance of paying attention to recall notices. More than four years since the product's original recall, an 8-month-old baby has died in the Nap Nanny infant recliner.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the child was found strapped in by the belt, hanging over the side of the recliner and trapped by the edge of the seat and the crib bumper. This is the sixth baby to die from the use of the product, and officials say that even though the seats are no longer sold in stores, they're very popular at secondhand sales: yard sales, online, and as hand-me-downs.


The chair was designed to fit and feel like a car seat -- the curves and elevation are meant to help with reflux and gas. But officials have instead found that babies can easily fall over the side.

And it's a scary reminder for parents of just how important it is to be aware of the latest recall news.

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Oftentimes, new products arrive with registration cards. Though it may seem tedious and useless, filling out the cards helps companies contact you in case there is a recall. And if you happen to miss the news or don't catch the notice online, you should receive a direct mailing telling you all the details.

Parents can also sign up for alerts at that will be emailed directly to you. And if you're buying something "new to you" at a yard sale or consignment shop, you can enter the details on the CPSC site to see if it's subject to any recalls.

Whether it's a new product or one that has been passed down or bought used, it's still important to always pay attention to its status. It could really make all the difference.

Have you ever used the Nap Nanny?


Image via CPSC

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