​$65 an Hour Can Buy Pregnant Women Their Sanity Back

babyBeing pregnant with your first child often can be one of the most vulnerable times in life. You don't know what having a baby is like; everything you once knew is about to disappear into thin air; and you've got crazy pregnancy hormones coursing through your body. Of course you need a baby planning consultant!

Baby planning consultants -- the kind of service that begins before you have those first labor pangs -- are getting more and more pervasive these days. Perhaps Rosie Pope's Pregnant in Heels helped turn this service into a legitimate field, or perhaps first-time moms just want some help. Either way, I say it's totally worth it. 


Before we get into it, let's discuss what a baby planning consultant even is. It essentially is a person/business that caters to any and all of your pre- and post-baby needs. Baby planning consultants often offer advice on baby gear, registry management, personal shopping, organizing nurseries, preparing for a baby’s arrival, breastfeeding, and returning to work, among other things. Will you likely realize that you didn't, in fact, need to shell out money for a person to tell you what kind of stroller to buy? Of course! But when you're in the throes and confusion of being pregnant for the first time, it will likely offer unbelievable peace of mind. And few things can beat that.

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When you've never had a baby before, and you're the first one in your group of friends/family members to have one, it can be almost debilitating. Figuring out what you "need" to register for (how to work the stuff you registered for); what to bring to the hospital; and what it will be like returning to work are daunting, and important, questions. Sure, "hiring a professional" sounds a little insane when women have been giving birth since the dawn of time, but if it keeps your stress level down and makes you feel secure, there's absolutely no harm in that whatsoever.

Again, when you're pregnant for the second time, you'll probably realize that you could have forgone the expensive planner (who may start at $65 an hour), but hey. There's nothing quite like being pregnant for the first time, is there ... which is probably why baby planning consultants exist.

Would you hire a baby planning consultant?


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