Toddler Drowns at Party While Everyone Is Singing 'Happy Birthday'

poolSummer may be synonymous with pool parties and backyard bashes, but a heartbreaking story out of Columbus, Ohio today reminds us that it's not all fun in the sun. While attending an outdoor birthday party this weekend, a 4-year-old girl drowned in a pool while the guests were singing "Happy Birthday."

While everyone focused their attention on the birthday festivities, police say Sinaia Moore fell into the backyard in-ground pool, where she was later found by her family.


It's a startling reminder of something that could easily happen to any family.

Her parents looked away for one second while celebrating another child's birthday, and she managed to slip away. It's so natural to focus on the guest of honor and stop everything to sing, "Happy Birthday," but this is just another sad, tragic example of how it takes just one single second for something to happen.

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In the moments when any parent looks away from the child, the worst can happen. And especially around dangerous areas, like the outdoor swimming pool, the risks and chances for a crisis multiply.

With summer and all the summer fun that is focused around water, this tragedy is just another reminder that parents can -- and should -- take many precautions around the pool. From installing gate systems to fastening covers to teaching children to swim, always using flotation devices, to staying updated on CPR, there are countless steps mom and dad can take.

But maybe the most important of all is to always be aware and watch children like a hawk because you never know when they can slip out of your reach -- or how quickly.

How do you monitor your kids around the pool?


Image via Dale Chumbley/Flickr

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