Selling Your Breast Milk to Men Isn't Fair to Other Moms

breast milkWell, Mom, you always knew breast milk was like liquid gold. But you probably never saw this one coming. Did you know there are male athletes out there who just can't get enough of the stuff you feed your baby?

Yup, turns out guys are gulping the boob juice down by the cup full, calling it a natural energy drink. Say it with us now: WHAT?!


It's not that we're disgusted, folks. We're really not. If babies can drink it, there's no reason adults can't.

We are, however, mystified. Where are these men getting this breast milk, and why is it not going to babies in need?

According to the NY Mag expose on this booming business, macho men are buying up milk for as much as $2.50 an ounce. Meanwhile, moms across the nation are struggling to keep their kids on breast milk because of family leave policies that are largely anti-mother and the support for breastfeeding mothers just isn't there. It seems there are babies out there who could USE that milk ... and moms who would be grateful to have it!

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Sure, a mom has a right to do whatever she wants with her extra milk, and if she's bringing in a few bucks, well, who can blame her for getting creative in a tough economy. But being a mom in this nation is tough, and we all need to stick together.

Instead of selling our breast milk to random guys who can just go buy a Gatorade, wouldn't it behoove us to help another mother out?

Just a thought!

Would you sell your breast milk? How much would you want for it?


Image via © Ceneri/istock

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