Spas for Babies Are Expensive, But They're So Worth It

float babyThere are plenty of reasons a baby would need to unwind at a spa. They're exhausted from being so cute; they're stressed out because their buddy gained neck control before them; they haven't pooped in 10 minutes. I'm kidding, of course -- babies clearly don't need spas, but that hasn't stopped Kristi Ison from opening Float Baby, a new baby spa in Houston, Texas. Float Baby, which is based on a similar concept in the UK, allows parents to bring their babies in for guided infant massages and has a small pool where infants can float with the aid of a tube around their neck. Is it ridiculous? A little. Is it impossibly adorable? You bet.


Naturally, a lot of people are quick to pooh-pooh the idea of a baby spa, as it, on the surface, could seem like just another reason for parents to throw away money (each visit is $65) on their precious kids who already have everything in the world. But, as anyone who's ever been a new mom knows, an excuse to get out of the house in the early throes of motherhood is a godsend. And, come on, people, think about the pictures you'd get of your infant floating in a pool with a tube around her neck!

Like many people, before I had my daughter, I thought the concept of baby classes, baby activities, baby happy hours were completely ridiculous. Why on earth would a baby need those things? But when I became a new mom, and my husband went back to work, I longed for human contact on a regular basis. Having something like a baby spa -- a relaxing place where both my infant and I could chill out and I'd have interactions with other new moms -- would have been ideal.

When parents take their kids to baby spas or classes or yoga, they're likely not doing it 100 percent for their children. (Though, of course, anything that is advertised for our kids is a plus.) Parents just want to be social, relax a bit, and get out of the house. It's for them, too, as it gives them a little break. Is a $65 price tag a little ridiculous for a baby spa? On paper, yes, it sounds insane, actually. But when we first give birth, aren't we all a little insane?

Check out Float Baby. I DARE you to not think this is the cutest thing you've seen all day:

Would you ever take your infant to a baby spa?

Image via Float Baby

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