Parents Force Screaming 11-Month-Old to Go Parasailing ... Alone (VIDEO)​

infant parasailingAs far as activities go, babies are kind of limited. They've got about four things: Crawling (or walking) around; eating; pooping; and putting things in their mouth. One family, however, felt that their child needed a little excitement, for lack of a better word, in her life, so they forced their "wailing" 11-month-old to go parasailing. By herself.

I know, it's almost too insane to believe. Watch this horrifying video, though, and sadly you'll see that this is very much a scary reality.


The incident took place on a beach in India, and according to reports, the infant was towed by a truck for about 100 feet while 50 feet in the air. The adults helping the child "prepare" for takeoff are believed to be her parents, and the adventure sports organization who allowed this insane activity to happen, Malabar Aero Sports Society, claims they imparted "proper training" to the child before the flight.

I'm assuming that the majority of people reading this right now are sane individuals, who needn't hear from me that this is one of the all-time cruelest, most irresponsible parenting moves. But, okay, fine, it ought to be said: WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE PARENTS THINKING?!!!! And how did a company allow this?! How would this poor, crying child's parents feel if something happened to her, all for the sake of a dumb stunt? This is a real baby we're talking about here, not some adventurous American Girl Doll. Bad idea jeans, people!

Thankfully, everyone is okay, but an investigation is being launched in order to find out how on Earth this took place. An official said: "We got the information regarding this incident, where an 11-month-old girl was forced to go parasailing by her parents. We have taken this matter seriously and ensure a thorough investigation. We are planning to file a charge against the parents and the organizers."

Good. I never thought I'd ever have to say this, but: Hopefully, this will prevent parents from forcing their infants to go parasailing in the future. Wow.

Um, what do you think of this?


Image via rjones0856/Flickr

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