Teacher Fired for Telling Kids About Her Love Life

classroomAsking friends for dating advice is one thing, but fourth graders?! That's what 45-year-old substitute teacher Cassandre Fiering is accused of doing. Kids at Public School 189 in the Bronx told officials that on June 12, 2013, Fiering asked her students for "counsel" on her love life, according to a report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation. Documents state that "Fiering told the students that she was dating two men who were in their 30s and she needed advice on which one to choose." Crazy!

However, Fiering -- who is also an actress -- says she's mortified by the allegations, explaining to The Daily News, "The report is blatant lies. We were talking about relationships, it was all theoretical. It was an all-day situation, and I was in the room for seven hours without a lesson plan.”


Nonetheless, if there is any truth to this, it's more than a bit disconcerting -- for not only parents of these Bronx students, but any parent who suspects their child's teacher is too much of an open book!

Parents should be all for teachers being personable, friendly, approachable, etc., by letting their students know some bits and pieces about their personal life. It's perfectly acceptable for kids to know that their teacher has kids, is engaged or married, or likes to go to the beach in the summer. But much more detail than that seems nothing short of inappropriate and unprofessional. Ultimately, it only serves to chip away at the level of respect a kid has for an educator -- something most parents would agree must remain in tact for productive learning to occur.

That said, Fiering claims words have been put in her mouth, and she's hiring a lawyer with plans to appeal her termination. Should be interesting to see how it all pans out, but in the meantime, this is certainly another lesson to parents to remain tuned into what's being said and shared in their kid's classroom.

What personal details do you think your child should know about their teacher?


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