10-Year-Old's Prank on Pretty Girl at Baseball Game Goes Viral (VIDEO)

boy foul ballGentlemen, take note. One 10-year-old kid just pulled off the ultimate switcharoo and charmed a group of ladies on national television. That's right. The boy, who attended a Texas Rangers game this past weekend, caught a foul ball from Luis Rivera and handed the ball to a lady seated directly behind him.

They swooned, he scored some major points, and announcers called it "the play of the game." It obviously has to be true. But his moves are not as pure as they seem.

Give the video another look and see what he really does:


See what he did there? Did you see that smooth ball switch? What a sneaky little kid.

He definitely pulled a fast one on the ladies and even many viewers. Took a couple times to see what he actually did, but little kids just always happen to find ways to be a bit mischievous.

We're starting a slow-clap over here. He clearly deserves it.

Has your kid ever pulled a fast one on you? What did the little imp do?


Image via MLB/YouTube

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