Judge Bans Mom From Posting About Her Kids on Facebook

computer keyboardA mother was recently banned from posting about her kids to Facebook by a judge. Now, before you go thinking that this was a case of people complaining that a mom uploaded one too many pics of her kiddos at the beach in a day, clogging up people's newsfeeds, allow me to explain. This situation is much more nuanced than that.


In 2011, a judge ruled that the woman, who was on probation after attempting to kidnap her two children and take them to Canada, couldn't rant about her kids and ex-husband on Facebook. (She appealed the order, claiming that it was a violation of free speech, but she was just recently overruled.) The woman apparently had been posting frightening messages about her family, evidently referencing the Book of Revelation, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Satan, and Adolf Hitler. So yeah. Judges felt it was best she refrain from writing about her children online. "You can talk about what you want to talk about, but don't reference [your husband] or the children," a judge told her. "That's off limits."

Not talk about her kids on Facebook at all?

Can a mom do that?

Actually, at the risk of making light of a rather, um, terrifying situation, it's worth pointing out that maybe, possibly if all moms backed off posting about their kids on Facebook so often, it would be a good thing.

Sure, it sounds strange at first -- and seriously, who doesn't love seeing cute photos of even cuter kids? -- but think of all the free time moms would have. Think of all the things we could get done! Yes, it's great fun to post an adorable pic of our daughter in her Easter dress or our son swinging super high at the park (and it's fun to get likes and praise-worthy comments), but ... what are we really accomplishing? Or perhaps a more appropriate question to ask would be: What aren't we accomplishing?

Messy houses; harried trips to the grocery store after we realize there's an ounce of milk in the carton; thrown-together dinners. All of these things could be solved -- or at least made a little easier -- if we just quit posting about our kids on Facebook. But everybody knows it's hard to quit on their own volition, so maybe being banned is the answer.

The odds of getting legally banned from writing about your kids online are extremely slim, but it is food for thought: the less time you spend posting pics of your kid's recital on social media, the more hours you get back in the day. Which, ironically, means the more time you get to spend with your kids.

How often do you post about your kids on Facebook?


Image via Karlis Dambrans/Flickr

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