8-Year-Old Deserves 'Sister of the Year Award' for Delivering Baby Brother (VIDEO)

krystle garcia jazmine mcenaneyAn 8-year-old in Florida is being celebrated this week after stepping up in a major way to help her mother -- by helping deliver her baby brother! When her mother, Krystle Garcia, went into labor on Monday morning, two weeks before her due date, Jazmine McEnaney called 911 for the first time and was talked through the delivery by an emergency dispatcher named Emily Hall.

But before emergency responders could get to the scene, Jazmine had helped her mom deliver baby Joseph. So incredible! Not to mention truly heartening for a mom bringing her second child into the world. 


Parents always worry that having a new baby is going to present challenges for an older sibling. There's often a lot of stress around how the older sibling will see, feel about, and treat the new arrival, who they may resent for suddenly monopolizing mom's attention. But what Jazmine did is proof that a sibling relationship doesn't have to start off on a rivalrous note.

What this little girl did was not only amazing but an extraordinary way to welcome her brother into the world. There's no doubt that it laid the foundation for an unbreakable bond between siblings. And it'll also make for a lovely story she can tell little Joe one day.

Obviously, what happened with Jazmine and Krystle is a rare occurrence, but parents can still make their older kids a part of the birth process, allowing them to be in the room or bond with the baby ASAP. There's no doubt that an experience like that fosters a beautiful life-long memory and connection between kids that's absolutely invaluable.

Did your kids have a special experience like this that brought them together?


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