Watching Moms Give Birth on New Reality Show​ Will Freak You Out

pregnancyAlright, show of hands: who is nervous about giving birth? Then you might want to steer clear of the new reality show about giving birth, Come On, Baby. Following moms through labor and delivery, the show out of China is being called out for showing "graphic" childbirth scenes that some say will traumatize moms-to-be.

People have even come up with a hashtag on the Chinese version of Twitter that translates to "#Are you brave enough to watch a mother give birth?"


Think it's a little reactionary? Don't see any reason why women shouldn't watch this? Well, that depends on what your birth experience was like. Birth can be beautiful! But it can also be scary, if only because some women scream and yell (hey, it's painful!), and not everyone has the stomach for bodily fluids, no matter how natural they are.

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Is watching someone give birth a good way to prepare for your own labor and delivery? Maybe! If you're up for it.

Then again, if you're nervous about it, maybe not. Studies have shown that if you're nervous about giving birth, it can have a negative impact on your own labor and delivery. Moms who are nervous, according to a study out of the University of Norway, labor on average a full hour and a half longer than moms who aren't. Anxious moms, it's been found, are also more likely to request an epidural -- regardless of actual pain level. Not to mention a mother's anxiety has been linked to issues for her baby post-delivery.

Still think it's a good idea for women to watch so-called "graphic" childbirth scenes on reality television? 

Ladies, if you're worried about giving birth, skip the reality shows ... t's smarter to talk to your doula, your midwife, your OB/GYN, someone who can tell you the truth about giving birth: that it's different for every woman. Labor and delivery can even vary from one birth to the next ... for the same woman!

Would you watch this show?


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