Stranger Turns Mourning Mom's Baby Crib Into Something Beautiful (VIDEO)

crib turned into bench for noah wattsA woman from Cokato, Minnesota named Valarie Watts was still wracked with grief when she recently decided to have a garage sale last month. Back in July 2013, Watts gave birth to a son named Noah who was stillborn. His umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb, effectively depriving him of life. In turn, Watts was left with an unused crib that, despite constantly reminding her of her immeasurable loss, was something she wasn't ready to part with when she organized her sale.

In fact, when customers Gerald Kumpula and his wife noticed the crib in the garage and inquired about it, Watts still was "kind of hesitant," Kumpula told a local news station. Watts didn't even realize the crib was visible at the sale, but ended up selling it to the Kumpulas reluctantly. As it turns out, Kumpula upcycles second-hand furniture ... and upon learning what happened to Watts' son, he decided to turn the crib into a bench in honor of Noah.


Of her reaction to the incredible gesture, Watts said:

I started crying instantly. It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there. There’s proof.

This is most definitely proof that there's much sympathy, comfort, and compassion in the world. Additionally, though, it's heartening to see that Watts is willing to share her traumatic story so openly. It's a reminder that other women in her shoes may be suffering far too silently and deserve support.

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What Valarie Watts has been through is something that we all too often want to brush under the rug. It makes us uncomfortable and feels too heart-wrenching to even discuss. But there are times we do need to talk about it -- and face it however we see fit. It's an act of solidarity. And that's exactly what Kumpula did for Watts by building this bench, which is nothing short of a beautiful symbol of comfort and hope.

What do you think is the best source of comfort for a woman who has gone through a stillborn birth?



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