Restaurant's Discount for 'Well Behaved Kids' Is an Insult to Good Parents (PHOTO)

kidsAnother day, another interesting receipt hitting the internet. This time, a Japanese restaurant in Calgary, Canada discounted parents $5 for their "well-behaved kids" on Mother's Day. While it's nice(ish) to see a restaurant receipt that has something positive to say about children, as opposed to incredibly rude and nasty comments, this really isn't necessary.




When parents take their kids out to eat, it's a crap shoot. We can have the most normally-pleasant children in the world, but if they happened to have missed a nap; are teething; or just are in a chance crappy mood, it can be a bloodbath. And know who it sucks the most for, people? Yep, the parents! No, nobody wants to sit through a meal where some random kid is crying, but when it's your kids, you're the person who feels the back of their skull on fire from the hole that's begun to form from all the evil stares. You're the one who feels like a shitty parent (Why are everyone else's kids behaving?!). You're the one who has to hurriedly ask the waiter to box up the food and bring you your check because your children have morphed into feral animals sometime between being seated and getting the bread basket. Being the person who has to deal with a rowdy child(ren) at a restaurant is punishment enough ... there's no need for rude remarks on receipts to compound things.

And conversely, when our kids do behave when we're out for a meal, it's like a thousand angels looked directly into our hearts and sang a song in unison. The calm and peacefulness of enjoying a meal, where you can actually converse with other adults (and get envious glances in the process), trumps a $5 discount any day of the week. Really, that's all we want.

Restaurant staff, childless folk, and parents with grown or incredibly behaved kids: Please understand that we want our children to behave when we're out to eat as much as you do. Probably even more so. And all the monetary incentives and stink eyes in the world won't ever change that. But hey, thanks for the offer!

What do you think of discounts for good behavior in restaurants?


Images via Corbis/Reddit

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