Mom Slammed for Breastfeeding Toddler on TV Show (VIDEO)

televisionQuick! What's the worst thing you've ever seen on TV? Come on, think hard ... what's the most upsetting thing producers could put out over the airwaves? Got your answer? Now consider this: is it better or worse than a mom breastfeeding?

Think it's a trick question? We only wish! But a TV show is fielding significant criticism for showing just that: a mother nursing her son.


The incident occurred on the Australian version of The Voice. Producers showed contestant Dallas James being congratulated for an amazing performance, then flashed to his partner, Ingrid Pullen, feeding the couple's 22-month-old son, Tashi. The focus of the camera is on Ingrid's face as she comments on how wonderful her partner performed, and even though it pans her body -- and her son nursing -- there is no nipple exposure at all! Here, see for yourself:


Pretty dang normal, huh? So what's the big deal? Ask the folks who took to Twitter to create a firestorm with comments like these:


That last comment is pretty telling, don't you think? People are shocked that kids might have seen a mom breastfeeding when watching the TV show.

Because a little one eating dinner is the worst thing a kid will see on TV? Worse than violence? Curse words? Sex?

Puh. Lease.

Perhaps if kids saw breastfeeding on TV on a regular basis, the rates of breastfeeding overall would increase. After all, studies have shown women who know they were breastfed are more likely to do so with their children. When you teach kids that breastfeeding is normal and positive, it only stands to reason that they'll grow up to do it themselves (or, in the case of males, support their partners in doing so).

Kudos to Ingrid for not being ashamed of breastfeeding her little one. And shame on those who would tell her to cover up.

What do you think of the TV producers' decision? Are you cheering for them or against them?


Image via Angel Raul Ravelo Rodriguez/Flickr

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