Dad Brings Baby to Soccer Game Just Hours After He's Born

soccerA woman in Britain gave birth to her son, and after she was discharged, her fiance drove her home. And then promptly took the newborn to his first soccer game. This is not a joke.

Baby Arlo Roach is basically Torquay United's youngest fan. He clearly takes after his dad, who managed to make it in time for the second half of the match, just a half hour after the baby was discharged from the hospital!


It's hard not to chuckle a little at the situation -- the dad was excited to show off his newborn son (he joined his boss and coworkers at the game) but also wanted his son to share the moment with him. And, sure, his favorite soccer team playing in a major match is a big moment for the father.

But you know what's an even bigger moment? Oh ... having a baby. Wouldn't it be better to put the needs of the child (and hey, maybe the mom) first, especially in the hours immediately after birth?

It may be all right to take the baby out, but should you? If they had just been discharged from the hospital, is it not best to get the baby into a regular schedule, be it sleeping or breastfeeding, as soon as possible? Instead of, you know, having him attend a soccer match?

Having a baby puts everyone's life on hold. No, kids don't have to change you forever. But when a baby comes along, everyone's -- be it the mom, the siblings, or the dad -- regular day is put on pause for a moment, or at least until the baby is adjusted. Though if little Arlo is meant to be a future soccer star, we suppose it's only right to start him off early (kidding)!

When did you first take out your baby after he/she was born?


Image via See-Ming Lee/Flickr

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