​Little Girl Dumps Boyfriend in Viral 'Brake Up' Letter (PHOTO)

little girl's brake up letter

Dating in grade school is hard, amirite?! There's the awkward teasing-disguised-as-liking interactions, the shared lunch dates over moms' PB&J sammies, and the hilarious 'will you be my girlfriend? Check yes, check no' cards. But then what happens? What are you supposed to do after she checks 'yes'?

Well, definitely don't follow Shawn's game plan. Turns out, the little dude asked out Rachel (kudos to you, man, for working up the courage) and then went ghost-like. Poor Rachel hadn't heard from her man since!

So, like a lady, she let him know that his off-the-grid strategy would not fly in this relationship. Naturally, she wrote him a very strongly worded "brake up" letter. And it's amazing:


Sorry, Shawn. You really should just 'git' it together. But at least there's still hope for you. If Rachel believes you can 'git mareed,' there might be a future for you after all. But not with her.

Shawchel is over.

Seriously, though. Kids write the funniest things. Whether they're the unintentionally hilarious letters to Mom on Mother's Day or the awfully inappropriate letters notes and drawings they do for school, they always find a way to make us laugh about the simplest things. So please keep 'em coming!

What's the funniest note your child has written?


Image via Instagram

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