The Most Annoying People in America Are Your Kids (Yes, Really)

girlAlthough incredibly adorable and completely lovable, let's be honest for a minute: Kids can be annoying sometimes. Especially when they're not yours. And this isn't just me spouting off random words, this is a proven fact. A new poll has confirmed that America's biggest pet peeve is ... kids. Eighty-six percent of 2,234 adults polled listed disruptive, ill-behaved kids running wild in public as the most annoying thing on Earth.

And while, yes, little monsters going crazy in public can be annoying as all get-out ... really, America? Kids came out ahead of these 5 super-irritating people?


1. Openly rude people. Coming in at a close second with 85 percent were "openly rude people." You know, the man who shoves past you on the train in a huff, bonking you in the head with his bag. Or the woman who cuts the mile-long Starbucks line. Or the man who berates the poor kid behind the counter at the bagel shop because he's taking too long to give him his change. Yeah, those people.

2. Slobs. Eighty percent of people voted slobs as their biggest pet peeve. Slobs as in the mouth-breather standing six inches away from you with chronic halitosis. Slobs as in your coworker who constantly forgets to wear deodorant and reeks up your cubicle.

3. People who are chronically late for dates and appointments. Tying with slobs are chronically late folk. Because, no, it isn't annoying at all when every single time you agree to meet your friend somewhere, you're sitting by yourself at a table, playing with your phone, for a good 45 minutes.

4. Loud talkers. Loud talkers came in at number 4 for annoying people with 71 percent of the votes. BECAUSE THE GUY IN THE OFFICE WHO SCREAMS SO LOUD YOU CAN BARELY TYPE IS A DREAM!!!

5. People who yak at high volume in public on their cellphones. Loud cellphone talkers surprisingly came in behind loud regular talkers with 65 percent. I actually have no idea how this isn't number one on the list.

I fully admit that kids going crazy in the middle of the pasta aisle when you're trying to make a quick grocery trip is obnoxious -- particularly when Mom or Dad stands idly by. But I'll take that over these 5 super annoying people any day.

Who do you think is most annoying on this list?


Image via Emma Kim/Corbis

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