Pregnant Woman Kicked Out of Gym Because Her 'Belly Was Hanging Out'​

pregnant woman kicked out of gymPlease make sure you're sitting down, because this story will blow your mind. A 31-year-old pregnant woman says she was kicked out of her gym because her "belly was hanging out."

That's right. A mere 10 minutes into her treadmill workout, Melissa Mantor, who is 18 weeks pregnant, was told her midriff-baring top was in violation of the company's dress code. Planet Fitness, which prides itself on its "Judgment Free Zone," encourages people of all sizes and fitness abilities to work out without feeling judged. Unfortunately, the policy also seems to have worked in reverse.

Check out the supposedly offensive attire:


pregnant woman kicked out of gym

See that teeny tiny baby bump under the bottom of her tank top? Yeah, that's what was offensive.

"I was very confused. She continued telling me that my belly was hanging out and I need to get it covered up," Mantor said after the incident. "I told her at that time, 'Of course my belly is hanging out, I am pregnant.'"

This was at the gym, where people dress in raggedy torn sweats or skin-tight yoga leggings. And a small pregnant belly was the most offensive thing they could find? What a travesty!

Pregnant women showing off their growing bellies is nothing to get in a huff about, people. They're not showing their private parts! Bellies are a pretty acceptable part of the body to share with the world -- men and women alike do it every day. And when you're pregnant, it's pretty hard to hide that belly.

If it fits (because let's face it, sooner or later, you'll outgrow those clothes) and is comfortable, who is everyone else to judge a pregnant woman's attire? Granted, maybe you shouldn't be rocking a crop top the week before giving birth, but if you're showing off your belly while it's growing and you're happy, more power to ya! Rock those midriff-baring tops, ladies!

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Did you wear revealing clothing while pregnant?

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