Parents Raise $500K in 2 Weeks to Save 4-Year-Old's Life (VIDEO)

Eliza O'NeilWhat would you do if your child was sick and you desperately needed help to try to save their life? You would do anything and everything, right? Of course you would. Thankfully not all of us are faced with this sort of dilemma, but Glenn and Cara O'Neill weren't so lucky. Their 4-year-old daughter Eliza was diagnosed with a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A back in July. They are in a race to save her life by way of a very expensive potential cure. And you know what? They are on the right track. After their story went viral, they raised $550,000. But they need a whole lot more.


The rare genetic disorder that Eliza has causes young children to first lose their ability to talk, then they lose the ability to walk, and then they begin to develop seizures. Most who have the disease don't live beyond their teen years. The Neils are trying to raise $1 million so that Eliza can begin treatment that could stop this progression; she could potentially lose her speech if she doesn't start the program within six months. Thankfully, their social outreach on trying to save Eliza is apparently working with donations to their funding page flooding in.

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It's hard not to think of your own family when you hear stories like this. It's scary to imagine that something like this could happen to any of us. The child you love and adore could end up with some sort of life-threatening illness or malady via a bad case of genetics, something acquired, or a tragic accident. When that happens, a parent has no choice but to become an armchair expert on the topic and will do anything to help save their child's life. They will beg, borrow, and even steal.

Think about it, if your kid was diagnosed with a disease, be it cancer, a heart condition, or Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A, you would do anything to find out how to save, cure, or help heal your offspring. Suddenly you become not just well versed on the topic, but an avid advocate.

While becoming a champion for their children, parents in this situation take on an important role. They become not just a champion for their own children, but for all children affected by the disease at hand. And that is a VERY powerful thing, bringing attention to the cause, moving forward toward a cure, and just being there for other families going through the same thing.

Eliza's family had no choice; they had to do anything and everything to save their child and bring attention to this rare disease. Wouldn't you do the same?

What cause have you found yourself championing since you had kids?

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