10-Year-Old Saves Himself From Kidnapper With Gospel Songs (VIDEO)

Willie MyrickStories about kidnapped kids may be some of the worst for parents to read, but an unusual tale out of Georgia will put a smile on your face. A brave 10-year-old boy is home safe and sound with his parents after saving himself from an abductor by singing. And Willie Myrick didn't just sing anything. He sang gospel songs ... for three hours.

Sound annoying? That's exactly what Willie's kidnapper must have thought.


The abductor kicked the little boy out of the car after a three-hour ordeal, telling him not to talk about what happened. Fortunately the little boy who proved smart enough to know how to save himself was also smart enough to tell his parents what happened, and Atlanta police are on the lookout for the suspect. 

Not a bad lesson for kids, is it?

Just because you're small doesn't mean you don't have tools at your disposal to best the big bad guys.

As much as we focus on teaching our children about preventing abductions, steering clear of the guy in the van with the free puppies or the neighbor who just seems a little "off," it behooves us to also teach them what to do if -- heaven forbid -- they're actually grabbed.

Not sure where to start with your kids? Telling them about Willie may be the perfect way to start the conversation!

The experts actually advise telling kids success stories about other kids who bested a kidnapping. They also suggest telling kids what they should do rather than focusing on what could go wrong (or what they shouldn't do). Usually that means telling them to find a way to get away, telling them to yell for help, and telling them to use their backpack or lunch bag (or whatever's handy) to protect themselves. But you might want to add "annoy the abductor into submission" to the list.

Hey, it worked for Willie! Check out this brave little guy:

What have you taught your kids to do in case of an abduction?


Image via 11 Alive

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