Child Makes Alarming Discovery in Plastic Egg From Easter Hunt ​

plastic easter egg hunt Easter egg hunts are an exciting part of this month -- many schools, churches, and communities host them, bringing families together for some fun. But one Easter egg hunt in Michigan turned out a little sinister. 

At Huron Park Elementary, preschoolers took part in one of those plastic egg hunts and inside one of those eggs, a mom found Alprazolam, which is generic Xanex.


Thank goodness the little preschooler didn't get to the drug first, but it seems like mom was on top of it, monitoring exactly what her child eats. I still don't think we should fear Easter egg hunts because of this, but we should continue to check what's in our kids' baskets very carefully. I do, but not out of fear that there are prescription drugs in there, but because if my kids eat too much sugar, they get way too wild, then cranky, and then no one is happy.

Still, why would someone put a Xanex in an egg hunt? Was it done in error? As a joke? Meant to harm? Send a message? We may never know.

One mother said of the discovery that she was glad her child didn't get the egg with the drug in it because "He's going to think it's a skittle or it's a mint or something." This could happen with many, many kids.

The school reported that they had asked for donations from the public for the egg hunt, so it may have come from that. No other drugs or questionable items were found and the police are investigating. Hopefully this one incident didn't ruin everyone's perfectly fine candy finds.

Have you ever heard of something like this happening? Does it change the way you monitor your kids' egg hunt finds?


Image via Frank McMaines/Flickr

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