Parents of Baby Who Can't Open His Mouth Go to Unusual Source for Help

parents what's wrong with wyattHow many times have we heard, "Don't go on the Internet for medical advice!" The best and most surefire way to get your burning questions answered is just to go straight to a doctor. Skip the online hassle and the pesky writers who are willing to shell out advice and go right to the professionals. But what happens when the doctors, professionals, and specialists have no answer to you? Well, then you flock to the web.

That's exactly what the parents of little 10-month-old Wyatt Scott are doing. Wyatt was born with Congenital Trismus, a medically unknown condition where he cannot open his mouth and cannot eat solid foods. He's been to multiple specialists, but no one has been able to find the reason for his lockjaw.


Amy and Andrew Scott have called 911 six times since their son was born because he had been choking and unable to open his mouth to breathe. And since his birth, doctors have been trying to diagnose his muscular disorder.

So, in an attempt to survey the entire community, his parents have created and are soliciting people for their input. After months of tests that have all come back inconclusive, the Internet is surely looking like a good option.

We often hear stories of people posting online and receiving unsolicited advice and commentary from other web users. But the way Wyatt's parents are using the Internet to -- hopefully -- benefit their little tot could work. Just look at the child whose rare disorder was diagnosed this spring -- based on her Facebook photo! If it's going to help your child, why not?

Have you ever gone online for medical advice? Did it work?


Image via Christian Schnettelker/Flickr

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