6-Year-Old Caught on Camera 'Driving' Motorcycle Down Highway (VIDEO)

dad son motorcycleI still clearly remember those moments when I was 7 years old, and Dad would let me drive his car. Granted, it was in the driveway and he'd be pushing the pedals. My "driving" was limited to holding onto the wheel and maybe lying on the horn for far too long. But one dad in Colorado has recently posted a video of himself and his 6-year-old kid taking a joyride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

It all seems somewhat fine and dandy (the child is sitting in front of the driver though, which is a big no-no) until the dad suddenly takes his hands off the handlebars and instructs his son to take over. Watch this:


He leans back and lets the son seemingly steer the bike. The road is straight and even and completely empty. He can clearly see far ahead on their route. And despite the fact that this is, after all, illegal (you know, driving age and all), the part that is most worrisome is the speed at which they're traveling.

It's not a leisurely cruise through a neighborhood or a snail-paced crawl up the driveway, but a speedy ride down a road.

We're sure this is an adventure that the little kid won't soon forget. He'll always recall the moment when his dad let him "drive" the motorcycle and will probably cherish it forever, but are the risks of the ride really worth the excitement of the memory?

Why couldn't the dad let his child sit on the bike in the backyard and push him around slowly? Why take him out on an open road and allow him to maneuver a fuel-powered bike?

I think we'd be hard-pressed to find a parent who has not let their child sit on their lap while they were "driving" (hey, even Britney Spears did it). It's a milestone, not much different from letting your kid take a sip of wine before they officially turn 21. (Note: please never do both of those at the same time.)

But most of these "illegal" moves are done in a controlled and "safe" environment, and the children are kept out of any potential harm. Giving your child control of a high-speed motorcycle out on the highway just doesn't seem like the way to go.

Have you ever let your children steer your car or motorcycle? Out on the open road or at home in the yard?


Image via jacob hughes/YouTube

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