Parents Outraged When Child Abduction Turns Out to Be a Stunt (VIDEO)

fake child abductionI don't think there's a parent out there who doesn't want their children to be educated on what to do if a stranger approaches them. But there's a right way to go about this education. Jeremy and Jason Holden, two brothers from Washington who operate the YouTube channel "TwinzTV," pulled a stunt at a local park recently, which involved a (very scary) fake child abduction. And needless to say, parents who witnessed the "kidnapping" were not happy with what they, and their children, were privy to.

The brothers claim that the stunt was intended for a video that would raise awareness about child abduction. They enlisted a mother and son they knew, who were completely fine taking part in the video. But man. Talk about a terrible way to try to instill a message.

Check out the video. Do you think this is appropriate?


While it's great that these brothers are bringing attention to a very real, very terrifying issue, this was not the way to approach it for a number of reasons. One, this is the kind of thing that could traumatize a child if they witnessed it. Every kid is different, but personally speaking, if I saw this when I was young, not only would I have never left my parents' side for years on end, it would probably still haunt me to this day. And I'm not sure I would have learned anything (i.e., developed skills) from seeing a masked man quickly run up to a kid and snatch him.

Secondly, somebody could have gotten hurt here. Seriously hurt. The brothers apparently called police to warn them of what they were doing minutes beforehand, but apparently not everybody got the memo. If someone wasn't in on the "joke" -- police officer or otherwise -- they could have fired a gun at the "kidnapper." And what if they missed and hit the child?

Bottom line, this was in bad taste and very poorly executed. And again, not sure this got the point across. It's great that people are talking about an issue that continues to rage on in the world, but I think there's a better way to get an effective message across in a manner that doesn't involve scaring the bejeezus out of innocent parents and kids (or putting people in potential harm's way). I can't imagine the poor children, or parents, who were at the park when this idiotic prank took place slept very well that night, or went home and had serious discussions about what to do in potential kidnapping scenarios. And I'm sure many of the kids will be scared to go to the park in the upcoming weeks. I certainly would have been.

Do you think this video was in poor taste? What would you have done if you witnessed this?


Image via TwinzTV/YouTube

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