Creepy Burglar Caught on Video Peering Into Toddler's Crib

Prepare to get goosebumps all over. In a scenario plucked straight out of a horror film, one Texas family tucked their 2-year-old boy in his crib for the night and retreated to their own bedroom on the first floor, confident that he would be safe and secure until breakfast time. Imagine their horror when they woke up the next day, checked the video footage from a surveillance camera they had set up in their son's nursery, and discovered that an intruder had broken into their home and had spent a full five minutes creepily entering and exiting the toddler's room and hovering over his crib to stare at him. And mom and dad slept through the whole thing!


The burglar, who police suspect is a teenager responsible for several other home invasions in the area, entered the Le family's home through an unlocked window on the first floor. He then proceeded to walk through the house but spent an oddly long time in their toddler's room. He hovered over the crib and even peered in with a flashlight.

After stealing little more than dad's laptop bag, the teen left their house and broke into a neighbor's home.

Thank goodness the toddler was unharmed in this incident, but seriously, what the heck?! I doubt this guy was contemplating kidnapping the baby, and what items of value did he possibly expect to find in a nursery? What was his reason for spending five long minutes checking this baby out?

As a parent, I would feel relieved that this creep didn't touch my child, but I can't lie -- this video would freak me out so much, I'm pretty sure I'd resort to co-sleeping until my child turned 15.

Check out the frightening video and let us know your thoughts!

Why do you think the intruder spent so much time in this toddler's bedroom?


Image via YouTube

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