Pregnant Mom of 3 Dies After Surgeon Removes Her Ovary By Mistake

pregnant woman dies when doctor removes ovaryA pregnant mother of three, who was suffering from appendicitis, died when a surgeon-in-training mistakenly removed one of her ovaries instead of her appendix.

The 32-year-old woman was in her 21st week of pregnancy when she underwent an appendicitis surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon had to feel for her appendix since she was far along into her second trimester and failed to remove the organ.

Maria De Jesus went home after the surgery, but she continued to have pains and returned to the hospital two weeks after the initial operation in even more discomfort. It was then that doctors discovered the previous surgeon's mistake.


The woman then gave birth to a stillborn baby boy and died shortly after the surgeons removed her appendix properly. She ultimately passed away from multiple-organ failure caused by infections.

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What a sad, horrible, awful thing. Acute appendicitis is a common surgical operation in pregnancy, and approximately one in 800 pregnant women experience it. The trainee surgeons that performed the original operation, as well as the senior surgical consultant, are now under investigation for failing to perform the surgery correctly and for not supervising the inexperienced doctors.

It's difficult not to play the "what if" game in this or any other similar situation, but if the procedures were followed and all doctors performed their assigned duties, this probably wouldn't have happened. Now, three children are left without their mother and have also lost their unborn brother.

Just a terrible tragedy in every way.

Have you ever considered surgery while pregnant?


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