Military Dad's Homecoming Made Us Cry More Than His 8-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

lyrique alteus sgt. wil alteus homecoming reunionSecond grader Lyrique Alteus had no idea when she would see her father, Air Force Sergeant Wil Alteus, again. He had been residing as a single father in New Jersey when he was called overseas on active duty last August. Upon learning of his deployment, he sent Lyrique to live with his sister Kinley in Florida. Since then, his time overseas had been extended, and in turn, Lyrique and Kinley were left waiting for word of his return. That is until last week ...

Lyrique having a day like any other at Mount Dora Bible School when she was chosen to participate in a word game with her classmates. The group ended up spelling out the phrase "Lyrique's Dad Is Home," and you can only imagine the amazing look that spread across the youngster's face when she turned around and saw her airman father walking toward her in the auditorium!


The footage of the tearjerking homecoming is incredibly emotional. Many will be especially moved by its powerful soundtrack: "God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood.

Check it out ...

Pass the tissues! Really, you can just FEEL the love between father and daughter. So sweet. And it's no wonder that in the hours since the incredible reunion, Kinley shared to People that Lyrique, "Doesn't want to let" her father go. Let's hope that now, if not soon, she won't have to.

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Image via Nikki Cardoso/YouTube

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