'Burger King Baby' Discovers Eerie Coincidences With Birth Mom (VIDEO)

birth mom katheryn deprill cathy pochekTwenty-seven-year-old Katheryn Deprill made headlines over the past month after her hunt for her birth mother went completely viral. Dubbed the "Burger King Baby" (because her mom had left her behind in the restroom of a Pennsylvania Burger King), Katheryn finally met her birth mom last month. And today, Katheryn and her biological mom, Cathy Pochek, made a special appearance, along with Katheryn's adoptive mother, Brenda Hollis, on the TODAY show. 

The result was emotional and required tissues galore. And although you'd think the trio would have already hit their quota for surprises, they shared one of the biggest shockers of this saga so far ...


Apparently, after getting over the initial, "kind of awkward" meeting, Katheryn and Cathy learned that they had "several coincidences in their lives."

TODAY reports that both women "are emergency medical technicians, drive the same make and color car, and have almost the same name: Catherine Anne and Katheryn Ann." Wild. And get this: Pochek babysat Deprill's husband when he was young! It's almost like the plot to a movie or a book. (Come to think of it, it really reminds me of the 1990 book The Face on the Milk Carton about a young woman separated from her birth family until her teens.)

As incredible as Katheryn and Cathy's story may be, these commonalities may not actually be "coincidences" at all. In fact, it sounds more like it's definitely a testament to an apple not falling all that far from the tree -- even when, for some reason, that apple and tree end up growing miles apart.

Do you think these "coincidences" actually have more to do with the pair being biological mother and daughter? What traits like this do you share with your kids -- or parents?

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