Military Kids Serenade Movie Theater With 'Star Spangled Banner' (VIDEO)

The children of American soldiers who are stationed in Rota, Spain, were brought to a movie theater for a matinee performance. The real show, however, was the one they put on before the movie even started.

At the beginning of the screening, the theater played the National Anthem. Then, without being prompted or asked, all 40 kids stood with their hands on their hearts and belted out the song.

"It gives you chills to see patriotism like this displayed in youth at such a young age," wrote Hannah Kunze, the manager at the school program at the naval station. And no kidding! One by one, the kids -- ages 5 through 12 -- joined in and sang louder and louder. 


So Beyonce, Imma let you finish, but this may be the best National Anthem rendition of all time. Check out the video:

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Image via Diane Kosup/Corbis

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