​Woman Live-Tweets Labor & Discovers Benefits of 'Over-Sharing' Your Birth

baby lucia claire twitter onesie Claire Diaz-Ortiz must really love her job leading social innovation at Twitter. So much so that she decided to live-tweet her labor on Saturday, April 5. As soon as she started to wonder if her water broke and all the way up until the birth of her baby girl, Lucia, Claire posted updates with the hashtag "#inlabor."

If your initial reaction to this is, "What in the world was she thinking?!" you're not alone. Investing energy in just about anything outside of the momentous, stressful, exhilarating, emotional, and physically grueling process of labor seems, well, completely crazy. But as Claire discovered, there's a surprising upshot to engaging in social media while giving birth.


Claire's tweets caught the attention of her 330K+ followers, as well as celebrities. While haters definitely came out of the woodwork, a more common, positive theme was that of support, encouragement, cheerleading!

When Claire admitted her husband was "confused by what's next," supermodel Christy Turlington reassured her:

Actress America Ferrera gave her a virtual pat on the back: "Tweeting while in labor! That's commitment." And former talk show host Bethenny Frankel congratulated Claire and asked Twitter to give "this woman a raise!"

Clearly, Claire has extra-visibility -- and reason to live-tweet her labor -- as a Twitter employee, but what she did and the incredible support she got in return is a testament to the power of staying connected with your "community" while giving birth.

For other women who aren't pro social media gurus, that may not mean tweeting every last detail, but keeping friends and family "posted" along the way. Just a few tweets or Facebook status updates or Instagram photos could be a way of inviting family, friends, or even complete strangers into a learning experience for everyone. It could make for more shoulders to lean on and further reassurance, reminders that you're not alone, and what's happening is perfectly normal. 

On the other hand, I could understand why any mom would want to take the opportunity to shut down their smartphone and tune into their body more than their news feed. But to each their own!

What do you think about what Claire Diaz-Ortiz did? Would you ever live-tweet or Facebook throughout labor -- why?


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