Girls’ Leopard-Print Bikini Brings Out the Tiger Moms

liz hurley baby bikiniFormer model and now children's clothing designer Elizabeth Hurley has always been so fashionable. But this time, she's way off trend. Hurley is getting major flack for her girls' swim collection. The line for girls under 8 features, of all things, a leopard-print stringed number called the "Wild Cat Bikini." Mrwor! It's a bit much for moms who have been asking clothing designers to stop churning out clothes that sexualize children. Why does Hurley think moms want to buy their little girls a swimsuit that's "great for girls who want to look grown up"?


When Liz Hurley's brand tweeted out her kids' swimwear collection there was an almost instant backlash from disgusted moms.

"Triangle and side tie bikinis on little girls is not a good look ... Sorry. Why sexualise them. Let them be children."

"Leopard print bikinis for children, how delightful..."

"Children have to be trendy too? What for sexual predators? Nope. This is silly!"

Hurley has a few defenders, but mostly disapproval. I guess the proof is in the sales -- if those racy bikinis fly off the shelves, Hurley will probably keep going. After all, this is the second time her chidlren's line has angered parents for sexualizing children. Who is buying this stuff and keeping it on the shelves?

Personally, I think leopard print is okay for little girls in accessories, or pants, or a t-shirt. And I think it's okay to put a little girl in a two-piece. (Except that parents have more to sunscreen and twice as many pieces to keep track of.) But there's two-piece, and then there's va-voom bikini. Know what I mean? It's when a bikini has all the elements of sexy -- the triangle top, the strings, the leopard print -- together that parents shake their heads no.

It's funny, I feel like parents are pushing and pushing for clothing to be more child-like, more protective of kids' innocence. And some clothing designers keep pushing the other way like there's demand for it. Maybe they just don't believe us?

What do you think of Elizabeth Hurley's girls' swimwear collection?


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