Video Catches Bus Driver Mocking Little Girl & Having Other Kids Join In (WATCH)

School BusA shocking new video shows every parent's nightmare -- a school bus driver not only mocking a young girl as a "crybaby," but also encouraging other kids to join in!

The Floresville Elementary School employee has been fired for "childish and immature" behavior. Superintendent Sherri Bays said she was very concerned about the incident and that it was "definitely not appropriate."

The unidentified driver can be seen on the tape calling the student a crybaby and egging the other students on to join her. "Ready?" she asks. "Cry ... cry ... cry ... I want my mama."


Heck, I want MY mama after watching this video! What a deplorable thing to do to a child. Ironically, the bus reportedly has a "no bullying" sign on board. I'm pretty sure that's supposed to apply to the school employees as well as the children.

Take a look:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

I get that kids are hard sometimes, especially when they seem to be crying for no reason. I have a crier myself, and it's hard occasionally to not throw my hands up in frustration and ask what the heck she's crying about now. The sound of a crying child is definitely something that raises just about everyone's stress levels.

But geez, you have to hold yourself together! Kids cry when they're upset, whether you think it's worth crying over or not. You know how to scar a child for life? Invalidate their feelings and stomp all over their boundaries and teach them it's OK for others to mock them when they're having a hard time.

Adults that work with children have an obligation to act compassionately toward them. They are looking at the grown-ups in their lives to teach them how to act, and bullying and mocking them only teaches them that being mean is an OK way to act. Just horrible.

How upset would you be if this were your child?


Image via digitalsean/Flickr

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