3-Year-Old Gets Tossed Out of Daycare for Using Bad Word (VIDEO)

ariannaIt's the moment we dread. We do whatever we can to shield our little ones from those awful, four-letter words, but inevitably, they hear them somewhere ... and repeat them. That's the issue Texas mom Cassandra Wright faced when her 3-year-old daughter Arianna blurted out "sh*t" at her daycare center. But the naughty word didn't earn her a scolding but rather got her expelled.


The faith-based Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio has a zero-tolerance policy for that sort of thing and promptly kicked out the toddler. At issue is the fact that Arianna said the curse word in a classroom full of kids; some of them started repeating the s-word. Administrators felt they had no choice but to ban her from the building.

Though this punishment seems excessively harsh. You see, there are naughty kids and then there are kids that happen to do naughty things once in awhile. Arianna clearly falls in the latter category. When asked what she thought the word meant, Arianna said, "Animal." It's clear that the little girl meant no harm, yet the school is not backing down. It seems more harmful than helpful to this child. She had no idea what she was doing. This is the perfect teaching moment.

Rules are important, especially when it comes to children. They need to learn right from wrong early on, but expelling a 3-year-old for this is far too extreme. Why not reprimand her and tell her not to repeat it? What should follow that is a meeting with her parents where they would be given a warning that she would be sent home if it were to happen again. That seems far more appropriate in this instance.


Do you think Arianna should have been expelled?


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