Soldier Dad's Plan to Get Teen to Clean Her Room Is Extreme But Brilliant

bedroom in drivewayA soldier dad based at Fort Stewart in Georgia was totally fed up with his daughter's messy room.  He warned her what would happen if she didn't clean it. He said he'd "treat her like a soldier." But the teen didn't heed her dad's warnings. So one day when she was at school, he did something that finally got her attention.


While she was at school, he moved all of his daughter's bedroom furniture outside to the family's driveway. He then spray painted the following message onto a piece of plywood:

Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.

At first, Haley was upset and the dad says maybe what he did was a little extreme. But I don't think so.

It can be really hard to get the point across to our kids, and on occasion, we're forced to do something that gets their attention. The message just isn't heard. But this statement is one that Haley will never forget, like, ever.

What I also love about this stunt was that no one got hurt, nothing was thrown away or broken, and in the end, it's actually pretty hilarious. And also the dad did something to sweeten the deal -- he hired a painter to give her room a fresh coat of color to inspire her to keep her nice "new" room clean.

Do you think moving his daughter's bedroom outside was extreme or a good lesson?

Image via WXPI

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