2-Year-Old Saves His Mother's Life (VIDEO)

Riley Ward Dana Henry

A little boy from the U.K. is being hailed a hero after he did something most kids his age probably wouldn't be able to handle. Two-year-old Riley Ward called "999" when his mother fell ill, which wound up saving her life.

Dana Henry lost consciousness while at home with Riley. And instead of panicking or crying, the boy picked up the phone and called for help -- something his mother had taught him how to do in the past.

And I know there are plenty of kids who have called for help for their parents during an emergency -- but wait until you see and hear just how young this child is.

He's practically a baby!


Aww! Isn't he such a little doll? Hearing his sweet voice on the 999 call was amazing enough, but after seeing him with his mother, it really puts what he did into perspective as far as being WAY outside the realm of what your typical tot is capable of.

I guess this just goes to show that we should never underestimate our children, no matter what age they are. What if Dana hadn't bothered to teach Riley about 999 because she figured he was too little to understand? I'm sure she never thought doing so would wind up being a matter of life and death. The blood clot doctors discovered sounds so scary -- so we can only imagine what would've happened if Riley had just sat there hoping she'd wake up.

In addition to being very proud of Riley, Dana should also give herself a pat on the back for giving her kids something you really can't put a price on: the knowledge they need in order to get themselves out of a sticky situation while remaining calm and collected.

Can you imagine your 2-year-old calling for help like this?


Image via BBC News Today1/YouTube

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